Union Jobs

Chemist 1

Mechanics 5

Press Operator 1
Centrifuge Operator

Sewer Crew 3
Plant Operators 3

Pretreatment Inspector 1

Maintenance Man 1
Operations Manager 1
Laborors 2

Certified Employees

Gary Stetar, General Manager

James Harris, Chemist
Michael Billeck, Mechanic/New England Plant

Aaron Young, Pretreatment Inspector

William Welsh, Belt Press Operator

Dane Bonacci, Operations Manager

Don Mizak, Foreman Mechanic

James Howard, Assitant General Manager

Gary O'Brien, Mechanic

David Kinney, Plant Operator

Gino Marino, Foreman Sewer Crew

Rick Mikulla, Operator/New England Plant

James L. Moneck, Mechanic/Thompson Run Plant


Office employees

Marinda Lee Henze, Office Manager
Haley Tartler, Office Assistant
Nicole Patterson, Assistant Office Manager

other employees

Andrew Howard, Mechanic
Eric Johnson, Operator
Dylan Diulus, Laborer
James Bowen, Laborer

Edward Hilla, Mechanic
Frank Marecic, Camera Operator
Andrew Radocay, Heavy Equipment Operator

Certifications at WMSSMA

Training for certifications takes months of home study, classroom work, and supervised work experience. WMSSMA employees have participated in the 36 hour Department of Environmental Protection Wastewater Treatment Class plus Pennsylvania Water Environmental Association training classes and workshops. Additionally, many supervised hours were logged by employees within the Authority's plants and pumping stations. The class training and supervised onsite training was followed by an all-day written exam for certification. The West Mifflin Sanitary Sewer Municipal Authority employees take the courses and examination on their own time and have worked tirelessly to ensure they understand wastewater treatment specifications and procedures to better serve the community.


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